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So I've been working on a mock-up for my skirt and I think it'll work well. I'm using Sean's idea of leaving the tweed panels open down the side, lacing them, then pulling the laces for the can can. I also ordered the shirt and I've already gotten the stockings -- very cool. Do you guys have a bloomers pattern? I hate sewing pants.

I was also thinking about the idea of the librarian making notes about people's vices in a book. How 'bout if she writes them up on catalog cards? She can write down their associated Library of Congress cataloging number (HQ71 - sexual deviations), and then give out the cards later. Maybe part of the viral marketing thing: stamp the show's URL on the back and hand them out?

Speaking of other groups doing the can-can/sideshow thing, there was a group that performed during the intermission at the WorldCon masquerade. They did a Moulin Rouge-inspired musical storyline, very similar to the movie, in fact, but the can-can dancers were all SciFi movie characters: Princess Lei, Delenn from Babylon 5, etc. Very cute, but the storyline was a little uncomfortable, not sure whether it wanted to be Moulin Rouge or something original. They ripped off more than a few of the musical numbers (The Hills are Alive, Roxanne), then tried to add a new storyline. The show just wasn't sure what it wanted to be.

The group is called Lux After Dark. Here’s an article about them (http://wiki.enigmata.org/index.php?title=Lux_Theater) and their website with their advertising stuff (http://www.luxtheater.com/indexlad.html).

Some pictures from WorldCon:
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